Value to Customer

Value to Customer

Endura offers different kinds of service packages such as the development of new formulations or the improvement of existing ones, the preparation of tests for registration purposes and full support to our customers in choosing the most suitable actives and formulations based on their final use.
Endura is continuously monitoring the global insecticide market in order to keep customers updated on its evolution in order to recommend innovative concepts.


Partnerships for new challenges

Making use of proprietary patented technologies, Endura cooperates with selected partners to generate innovation by:

  • Developing future chemistry and new products for Insect Control

  • Creating new technologies such as the synthesis of dihydrosafrole, microencapsulation of insecticides, etc.

  • Dedicating R&D resources to customized projects

Analytical chemistry and regulatory advisory

Endura holds registrations of active ingredients worldwide in accordance with regional requirements (USA-EPA, EU-BPR, APVMA, CIB, etc.). Our analytical laboratories are fully equipped in order to cover the majority of data requirements and our Regulatory Staff can provide expertise support to customers regarding:

  • Information on letters of access, registration procedures, supportive documents

  • Regulatory assessments

  • Ad hoc in-house laboratory analyses

  • Monitoring of external consultants’ studies


Formulation improvements consultancy

Endura can help to enhance the performance of the customers’ existing formulations by suggesting, for example:

  • The addition of an insecticide synergist like PBO

  • The optimization of the percentage or the ratio of the utilized actives

  • The hardware, emulsifiers and other general components to be utilized

  • To monitor studies

For those wanting turnkey solutions, Endura can provide the recipes and registrations for:

  • Aerosol formulations for the control of flying and crawling insects

  • Liquid vaporizers (LED) for mosquito control

  • Impregnated papers

  • Ready to use trigger pumps and concentrates for wide range of applications

  • Full data packages, matching BPR requirements, are available.


Certified networking

We share our experience and network with our customers to cover all the requirements of the insecticide chain:

  • Customers

  • Co-packers

  • Suppliers

  • To monitor studies

  • External laboratories

  • Expert Consultants

  • Universities and private Research Institutes

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