Endura’s product portfolio of active ingredients covers most of the non-agricultural segments of the insecticide market, while we have as well a wide range of formulations that may be used in various applications including aerosols, vaporizers and liquid concentrates.


Household and Amateur Users

In addition to PBO, Endura offers a range of well-known and highly effective, non-residual synthetic pyrethroids. In addition to providing customised formulation advice to customers, Endura can also offer registration data packages for a number of formulations including flying and crawling insect killer aerosols, liquid emanator devices (LEDs), trigger pumps and MATs.


Veterinary and Pharmaceutical

Piperonyl Butoxide can be used in combination with a number of insecticides to control fleas and ticks on animals, as well as head lice and scabies on humans. Several formulations based on natural Pyrethrum and PBO are available from Endura.



We also cover all the major applications in the Pest Control Operator (PCO) market and are able to provide access to liquid, ready-to use and concentrate formulations. Many of the more popular liquid formulations for professional applications are based on a combination of active ingredients such as Piperonyl Butoxide and Tetramethrin, along with residual pyrethroids like Permethrin or Cypermethrin. These kinds of formulations are suitable for the treatment of both indoor and outdoor areas by means of various spray devices, allowing the control of a wide spectrum of arthropod pests.


Vector Control

Mosquito resistance to insecticides is a huge and growing problem affecting vector-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue and yellow fever. Thanks to its unique mode of action, PBO has proven efficacy in blocking certain enzymes that contribute to resistance of mosquitoes and can restore the efficacy of the insecticidal active ingredient used in combination with it. Endura’s Piperonyl Butoxide is the only PBO approved by the World Health Organization (WHO). A number of different bed-nets that contain Endura’s PBO in combination with a synthetic pyrethroid are currently available on the market or are under evaluated by WHOPES (WHO Pesticide Evaluation Scheme).

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